Friday, 3 August 2012

Allotment August 2012

So how is the allotment today...
well see for yourself... it has been a slow challenging year...

Just planted out some more lettuces, parsley and newly sown seeds... please slugs leave me some to actually eat!

I have to cover small things with chicken wire otherwise the rat patrol have a tendency to to use the nice fine earth for other things hmmm...

Celery on the left celariac to the right doing well...

I have just planted some carrots and beetroot behind...

I have some spaces this year, sadly I have lost all my tomatoes due to blight so this plot is full of nasturtiums an marigolds... I leave some leeks to flower each year for the bees and then for leeklets to plant out later... if you look carefully (by the white chair) you can see two heads ready to plant  soon.

I have only just started picking my Runner and French beans, some I've had to plant twice due to serious slug damage. I grow four types French -long green flat, small green and purple flat and a nice long runner.

I grow marigolds everywhere too, I dry lots of heads and then put them in oil out in the sun to infuse making calendula oil to make ointments.

I do love Borage and so do the bees I have Blue and White this year!

Behind in the netting Mange tout and Peas that I've been picking for a while

The four Courgettes plants have started picking up now with a bit of sun...

Dark green, stripy green and yellow long varieties and a round green... I feed them with Comfrey.

I'm growing a small sweet variety of corn on the cob and the little ones you put in stir fry too this year... under them a trailing Trumpet courgette and yet more nasturtiums...

The black berries are going mad as ever, the red currants and gooseberries did really well too.

The first lot of my squashes were eaten my the rather huge slugs, only two plants out of eight survived so I've had to grow more and managed to swap for two more, not sure what will happen as they are normally romping away by now and they are still tiny...

I still have 4 squashes to eat from last season so as long as I get a few I'll be happy.

So there is my colourful little plot at the moment, ups and downs as every year...

How is your plot doing??


  1. Your allotment looks gorgeous - I wish ours looked half as lovely. We can't see to grow beans for love nor money, but the courgettes are coming on amazingly.

    Nina x

  2. I didn't realise you had another blog too! This is my first year at growing veg, with mixed results, think I might do a post on it soon! I love all creatures but have developed a less than healthy hatred of slugs and snails!
    Your veg is going really well, looks yummy! Ada :)

  3. I've enjoyed reading this super blog, I'm now following and I'm off to visit your other blog now! X

  4. Greetings Greenorchid! Your allotment is looking wonderful, I am very keen on Borage! In re your comment; the second brood of butterflies have been hatching out recently so it will be safe to cut your nettles now. With the warm early-autumns we keep having there is a possibility of a third brood, so a prune will stimulate fresh growth on which the female is most likely to lay eggs. Butterflies lay eggs on many different plants, I think this document may be of use to you: