Friday, 8 July 2011

Last Strawberry breakfast till Autumn ?

Outside it may be a bit cold, windy and raining but my breakfast always delights me...
A new batch of homemade organic yogurt awaited me this morning, stirring in some large oats, a few almonds then for my fruit.... probably the last of my strawberries now till the Autumn but still plenty of raspberries and the odd blackberry...

As for blackberries, I planted them at the allotment and they seem to be pickable a few weeks before the wild ones and... there are so many this year  that I've been busy collecting jam jars for the bramble jelly making and bottles for the hedgerow sauce I make for pouring... happy days indeed.


  1. Looks a treat! Here we've had a few later strawbs. Certainly no sign of blackberries.
    I'm impressed you make yoghurt.

  2. I've been making yogurt for years, very easy, cheaper and so much nicer than bought... I use the local Organic Goodwood Estate semi skimmed milk a couple of stainless steel tins with lids I brought back from India and an old bath towel...

  3. Now that's looks delicious! I really look forward to breakfast but have to admit, through years of business trips to Italy I can't start the day without at least 3 espresso! Warmest wishes from an old farmhouse in Lincolnshire! Glenda xxx