Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hedgehog Rescue

Yesterday morning up at my allotment we finally managed to get the main spuds in, dug up the last of the parsnips and put the tepees up ready for the beans.

A good morning, sorry forgot to take the camera....

On the way home I drove round a corner to find a hedgehog just hoovering on the kerb....

I love hedgehogs but this little chap really aught not to be up and about at 2 so I got out of my car, stopped the traffic, took my coat off wrapped him up and continued home.

Now luckily I do have a wooden box I keep for waifs and strays.

I couldn't find any external damage although he did look rather bloated... and a bit snuffily...

I  built a paper nest, left some food and water and put him on a warm water bottle. As he did show some interest in the food I put the lid on and I left him to it.

I needed to have a rest so a couple of hours later I rang my local wildlife centre and a lovely chap picked him up on his way back from work.

Apparently hedgehogs can get bloated, air traps under their skin if they have a weak lungs / lung infection and need a vet to make a little incision  to let the air out.

I do hope the little chap survives, makes a swift recovery and can be released again...
I will ring the centre tomorrow to see...


Sadly after they deflated her they found that she had a badly broken jaw that they just could not repair and she had to be put down.
 The good news is that it was a recent injury, so although this is what had created the air to trap, the story would have been far worse if she'd been left in the wild unable to eat and continuing to inflate.


  1. What a gorgeous fellow, hope he recovers and the weather perks up so he can have a happy summer. Glad the parsnips are out and pots are in. I am in a kind of limbo here too.
    George has another attack of the Gout, down to his love of orange juice. It's had to stop.

  2. Well done for trying to save a hedgehog. sad to hear she didn't survive. we used to have lots of them around here, but sadly not seen any for years. Lizzie